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Broadening my horizons

 Coordination: at her wedding she looked like Mylene Farmer. I remembered one…. How to say. The proper word…. Stump, maybe. Bumpkin, of course. Naturally, it’s not the blurred vision nurtured by rusty Volgograd kolkhoz, commensurate with all that was that time. But what else can be required? It’s not the matter, that everything is flows, everything is changing. (Damn in, I remembered Julka again because of that. Of that style of words. Of thoughts). But I don’t want to describe it in the same manner.  That time I consider her words like something not literate at all, but I am on the same ship.

Well. It was a red monkey from Kletsky.  Going for a stroll and having my beer, furnishing my prom with fresh chips, I’m scrolling it in my head. I bent on going towards a descent downhill festooned by lines of dim lamps. I approached, I went further. The house of old Natasha the Sheep. How old is she? But I recalled the red lout from Kletsky because of I remembered Mylene Farmer and her half-double who is out of vision now. Her ass half opened under the ambiguity of her special dress which designed to deceive the stupid eye. But, that swain who is rather old now pronounced “moolineh”. Good guy from Kletsky. I think such types now have nephews. 

Город: Chicago
Музыка: comes down like rain






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