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Current Flow

  I met her before. Her eyes seemed to be out due to her intrinsic habit of letting the words out. They went repeatedly forwards and backwards so that I had some questions, but I had restricted. An irreversible sense of get-a-way surged in me. I thought J. statement:  anyone can perish only through the someone’s ability on sucking  a soul in. But. She began to boasted at her activity in different stuff like sitting on something, there were hints, no more. There are no things which are not interlinked. But can a woman be such unchecked. As, for instance, a nature.

“Do you have desires?” she asked.

I thought about the levels. The first row of handles move right, some of them remain in the permanent position. There is no such as she talked down to someone, it only was on her background. She brings about this – Kolya now is like an old wrinkled toad sitting strictly home and doing nothing. Repeatedly, I wrote about spiders. Totally, it’s not the exception, but also it’s not a rule. Advancing in years, human’s  reason gets lots of lineaments which go down becoming the roots. Life if a grueling competition, so to speak,  pass the life is not crossing the field.

“You have to do it quickly,” she said.

I can’t speak highly of myself, but she’s more than a trial, not a great sightseeing. It calls “the slave of love”. Long before we spoke about spiders, but now is the other motive playing. Many of guts had run into her and were injected with something quite the other. I don’t know what is that. It’s not easy to analyze another mind, but I have to. Sveta had said some speech which was the true: crazy. To say the least, it’s only a first mark which can be even harder. Terrific. Suddenly, she drew some conclusions: all the same. It’s not good when I have forgotten everything, and endless self-repeat starts and you can’t stop it. I remembered Julka, how she infuriated me. Rather, not infuriates now. Before that, it was true. Sometimes I feel pity for her. Psychologically, the distraction awaits you everywhere, and it’s not the ordinary thing. It comes gradually. Lifestyle is only a skin of process. Someone can allege that there are many dependencies. Maybe. I concede that both life and woman are the acid of the same type.  What as a consequence. Anything you want. There is no exaggeration. She claimed that she induced something in me, but it’s not true because it’s something like to make the old hoarse running till it fell. 

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