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Valerianich woke up in a cold sweat. He clearly remembered all the nightmare he dreamed, which had so treacherously climbed into him already in the very morning.

“Well, foolishness,” the thought flashed through, “it doesn’t give a normal sleep.”

He rolled over and tried to fall asleep again. But at that moment a heavy blow fell on his head, and he realized that he was leaving this world forever.

In the morning, the doctors at the Vorkuta zone stated that in prison hut number six, three prisoners had died from a cerebral hemorrhage. None of them had relatives or relatives, so the management of the area decided to bury them in the prison cemetery near the quarry.

The fourth prisoner, who turned out to be in a heavy coma in the morning, was decided to be sent to Moscow in Sklif, as his aunt lived in the capital (the only relative), who immediately responded by agreeing to come and accompany the patient to Moscow, although, as you understand , there was no need for that. The family name of the convict was Kozel.

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