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Further events began to develop with incredible speed! Everything, suddenly, returned to the beginning of the road. Language, still not understanding anything, felt how it grows dumb. The head of the Navigator began to grow in size. All those present at the same time heard a vibrating sound: - If you begin to understand something, do not tell anyone, do not ...

The cerebellum, startled, hung with foam at the mouth in the air, the success of wheezing: - They twisted us, bitches.

- Well, that again they beat us? - CAM asked coldly. - Three-one, however. And there should have been a three-zero. One reptile survived. Here is where to look for him now? And who is he? Now you have to blink on this planet, and this, guys, I will tell you, oh, how not simple. One advice to you is try not to forget that this Zone is O-Ha, the borderline state of Darkness, and you are its Warriors, and therefore you have no right to die.

- Be ruthless, as in war! All this has been many times. Although, this time we never got close to him. While resting, and then we'll see. The morning is wiser than the evening. And remember, he was left alone, but, as mom says (CAM has always called Little Kat for Mom's eyes), he is more dangerous than a whole legion, because he is the Last and he is a Player. Last assault, my Warriors, and we are on target!







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