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Aaa, now I have interested you! Well, finally, in your mouth, you Sneeze-Puff, as Sanya Karetny says! Then rest, sleep, and I will dare you in a dream as we plow through space. This is what we call a cosmic-autogenic training session. You sleep, and I entertain you from the other end of the universe.

- Do you realize, finally, that the visible part of your material world is very narrowed by you? And that in fact, you are not lowered and not superman. You are nobody. You live in this world to make choices for yourself. And you go in this life is always on the border.

Your whole life is a borderline state. Step aside, hit the black stripe. I realized that I was wrong, I realized - I came back to white. Again the wrong move, again the black stripe. I did not want to strain to correct the error and do the right thing, I went through the black. And the more you do wrong steps, the darker the strip becomes.

- Now you understand that all your life on Earth is a borderline state. Choose between moving to black or white stripes, between Good and Evil.

“And in order for you to Doldon, the uncouth tupar, after all this entered your brainless consciousness, I will once allow myself to make a rock drawing for you on your skull, but from the inside, so that no one but you can see it.” And all the rest of you life itself with each new reincarnation will make such drawings thick HUZ on your stupid head, - language cursed rudely, evil shoving through his teeth and in violation of all the instructions sent the two most killed shemki in the direction of the wave flow.

- Understand, Doldon, what is your world, and that everything depends on your deeds? But did you understand that you see this of your narrow world only a small part?

“This is your Microcosm in the Macrocosm, which we successfully scanned, but you didn’t move in,” Licensed again. “And you will always hang around here now, always, as the eternal Jew punished by your Christ, since for you this borderline has become a circle, a sansara. Goodbye, moron!







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