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Why? Yes, because her election slogans are good. Here, for example - I offer all the weapons in the state to change to porn tapes. What is bad? Although, this is a small digression. Ask for what? - Language again winked at everyone.

- First, in order to show you that everything in this world is relative; and secondly, to make the binding at the place and time.

Here everyone began to laugh loudly, realizing that the session was over and at the end of the connection they now absolutely must understand that their time was over. But, oddly enough, nothing has changed and even the waves that came from the opposite end of the connecting device became audible to all present. They were quiet and peaceful. It seemed that they were not in danger, and they did not realize the horrors awaiting them.

“Tell me better about the stripes,” came the news. - Why only two?

The tongue was numb for a second, but blamed everything on a strong bend.

- You do not understand why only white and black? After all, you had a bad life, and very bad, and wanted to howl, and at least in the loop? Well, here you, brother, do not worry, old man Schopenhauer has already proved that this world of yours was created so that you would know suffering, and not at all for happiness. So here you have all the O'key.

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