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At this time, all parts of the Navigator’s body, having already relaxed, laughed at the improvisation of the Language, which, of course, gave the greatest pleasure to himself. Only one cerebellum frowned and twisted his ornate head, then quickly and nervously in different directions, then, suddenly, convulsively and to the very stop just to the right, right, right.

What he wants, - briefly thought language. - Well, I'm already otgryvayus, and he is what?

But the question quickly disappeared, and the elated mood of the winner returned to him again.

- So what are we staying at? It's good that you call me a goat too. I say well that we are goats, not sheep. Although, in principle, it is possible to be sheep. Everything is better than shooting at each other. Now in the States in California, the senator is chosen. Schwartz goes there first number. Cool man, respect! But I would vote for a porn star.

- Why? Yes, because her election slogans are good. Here, for example - I offer all the weapons in the state to change to porn tapes. What is bad? Although, this is a small digression. Ask for what? - Language again winked at everyone.

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