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Language easier. He realized that this time it carried him.

“The last one was once,” a treacherous thought flashed through him, from which he spoke three times faster.

“Here, and now let us return to our sheep,” said Language, winking at everyone with two eyes at once, already realizing that the bearing was taken, and the thread was not broken.

- You for nothing offended me, Bratela. Everyone knows about striped life, but not everyone knows how these strips are located.

- In fact, they are vertical. Vertical white and vertical black. And you rise from the bottom up on this shit called - Life.

- Do not agree? Do you have black and white several times every day? I drive a bullshit? And you strain your brains and imagine all this without paper and pencil. If you succeed, then you will be able to imagine this and not only that in the future and in the face. So, gradually you will learn to move from your fucking material world to another, which I assure you much more beautiful.







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