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Here's your grandmother and Yuriev day, - flashed in all brains at once. “So this fucking planet is part of the Mind of the Astral double of our Crumb?” On my own almost kryapnuli ?! Well, Yazic! Well, old man! Well, the hammer! So does that mean she is Kat the last Warrior?

“I know one thing,” repeated the Language again and made a long pause. “In my opinion, I am still here,” a whirlwind flashed through his mind and immediately surrendered simultaneously to each bone.

“I know one thing,” he said confidently again, “The fact that we are both still here in this world, which we usually call material.”

- Che, carries, - Zhopka thought, waking up. “Probably, he was circumcised again, and it started,” she yawned, but at that time something zasverbelo inside her, and Zhopka, just in case, decided to listen and figure out what was going on here, not to be as always extreme. Thus, the entire body of the Navigator earned like a clock.







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