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Everything is fine, the right hemisphere burst out laughing, there is an attachment. Russia is your mother!

- Cum, Language, rest! Only one eighth of the land on this fucking planet! Losses will be even less than the allowable rate, only twelve percent.

But something not standard happened. Time did not stop, space didn’t shrink, as it usually happened when the next planet was captured by Little Kat. Her cosmic mind was sullenly silent, and this already doomed planet, called Earth, continued to hang quietly in place, as if nothing had happened. Tongue alone tensedly continued its canoe, and with no more lisping at all.

- Zolotishko laundered, or already forest valish? In Lefortovo pulled up? And before that, in Nigeria, on the bunk? Everything, I got you and you fall off? Roll off, I'll tell you again: I am on the drum who you are - Godfather, or the last urk; in law, or six; new russian or old jew. I know one thing 







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