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“But after this disassembly, she will stop at nothing,” the little Black Hole decided this way at the very moment when she knew about the evil plans of her friends from the very first words.

Especially she hated the huge black hole nicknamed Epidercia. Epidermisia was her main rival and, according to everything, she had already been very skillfully weaving a thread of secret intrigues against Kroshka. The little one even guessed what the old junk was hoping for secretly, but she didn’t want to voice it out loud.

Now she had to pass this exam and exit the battle as a winner. For this, Kat, as always, prepared her latest development called Navigator. Practically, it was a piece of Little Kat herself whom she could part with absolutely painlessly. The loss of even a hundred of such particles did not promise Little Trouble. The black hole was able to recover its energy reserves in a very short time. But, nevertheless, she always treasured Navigators, and there was not yet such a case that the latter would not return back to her after completing the assignment.

My head felt the program turn on smoothly on its own and start downloading the necessary information.

- If only I had time, - a thought flashed through my mind, and Language was already doing its job further.

- So many clones around got divorced, that to meet a normal Goat is a great rarity!

- Well, hello, Goat! I give a damn about where you are: in California, on the Canaries, or on the Kolyma ...

“I don’t know the last place,” thought flashed through the Navigator's Cumulative Device, “again Language is engaged in improvisation. She will ever bring him to the Zugunder or full circumcision. Oh, how lisps bitch! It is because of him that we all grieve for the third millennium.

“Don't get distracted,” the left hemisphere hissed. - It's time he pulls. You, you bastard, old junk, again you do not have time to pump the brain. I have long said that you need to be consumed.

The drive trembled, presenting the process of melting and forgetting about the language, tensed up to the limit.

- I give a damn about where you are in California, on the Canaries or on the Kalym, - repeated Tongue, spitting evil in the direction of the Accumulation Unit. - By the way, how is Kalyma? Not sitting - do not you know?







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