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Money can sound like dust. As worms creep by the land of my motherland, they leave long and curved traces. Words go to nothing. River run like liquid threats. The more you stupid, the better. The best outlook at the world is when you are blind.

When I met Gogi, he was standing at the corner, smoking.

“Hey, ace”.

“What do yoo wanting from me, acid head?”

“What’s with your lexics?”

“I am the action man in that, you know, baby.”

“Did you see Lena?”


Here, we could talk about Lena and her previous value. Of course, she had lost almost everything, but her courage cost a lot. She still went bananas about her flar ass. It was strange, but afficted people still took place about that question.

“We want to establish a new firm,” Gogi said, “it would be a taxi.”

“Taxi? Back off, please.”

“Who is backing off. Nobody’s backing off. “

“All again. What’s the taxi?”

“Lena is going to be a traffic controller. The name of the taxi will be “Ara&Ara.”

“May be it would be better Ara2Ara?”

“Good proposal. They that that bad egg is my style, but I don’t see any bad shit here.”

“Scratch your balls.”


“Don’t care.”

“I wanted… As you may see, Hatcheek had offered me that, but that time he had no strength to run buisiness. He was busy seling water melony. My mothe said that horses can die becouse of hard toil. Don’t you see, I want to have all without efforts. I am destined for happyniess. So, I found a decision. I will come uo to her and say her: let’s bang. It it bed.”

“And she will be bang-up.”

“Oh, gosh. She’s already 42, but is it the age?”

“Bastard. But what about the taxi? You talk like you are going to work there.”

“I don’t know. Onic has bats in his attic. But his father is a big daddy.”

“Do you mean Vanya Vanievich has a weight? But here?”

“I am not a big mouth. In the warehouse. He sells cement and sand, and also, shovels and other equipment. Vanya Vanievich is very rich.”

“Bullshit! He has some money, but what else?”

“Betchma! He is e big cheese.”


It was all our coonversation. I have to say, that taxi station “Ara 2 Ara” one day appeared, having only one car, but what a car it was!”


Город: thereat a sea
Музыка: trapt






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