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Manukyan case


Manukyans were talking about Yerevan and its dignity all the time without any stops because it was most common thing for them to discuss it. That time were in the park near the old red grain elevator, though it wasn’t the pure park because of its emptiness and abandonment.

Onic Manukyan worked round the clock to earn for living. Once, Hachick came.

“You, Onic, you work too much.”


“You are too self-assertive”.

“Of cause I am!”

“You are too complacent.”

“I take pains to feel like that.”

“Do you think I am envy you.”

“It’s rather late in the date to change your mind. Relax.”

“Will you sell sunflower oil.”

“Yes, I will. I’ll do that with flying colors. If you want to tuen the clock back, take an example from me!”

“Oh, it’s cold comfort.”

“Do you want to say that you are a idler.”

“I have always been an idler, you know.”

Onic kept on preparing sunflower seeds for smashing.




Город: There at a sea






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